The Scatter Interview

In this episode, we spoke to the Scatter team about RIDL, dGoods, Scatter Marketplace, gaming, and much more.

We were joined by Rami James to discuss Scatter, one of the most important and ubiquitous projects in all of EOS. Towards the end of the interview, Scatter's founder Nathan James also joined the call (there were a few small issues with audio in the middle of the interview). We covered a ton of different topics, including all of the major initiatives that Scatter is working on-- Scatter Marketplace, RIDL, dGoods, gaming integrations, and more. We also spent a lot of time talking about UX and design, which is Rami's area of expertise. We talk about his design philosophy, the future of blockchain UX, user on-boarding challenges, and more. 
  • Rami's background and previous work 
  • Simplicity as a design philosophy 
  • The new version of Scatter
  • Rami's vision for Scatter in the future. 
  • Scatter's role in the dGoods initiative
  • The RIDL project and its role as a trust builder in a decentralized ecosystem
  • Bringing games from other platforms to EOS
  • Scatter Marketplace 
  • Forecast on which games will be the first to go live on Scatter Marketplace and on dGoods.
  • EOS predictions for 2019
  • The biggest challenge for EOS
  • Nathan's take on full history API nodes
  • and much more
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