Proxies and Voting with Blockchain Kid of Mereo

We discuss EOS proxies, voting, and a new initiative called "Voting Valued" with Blockchain Kid from Mereo.

In this episode, we spoke to Blockchain Kid, the founder of the Mereo proxy. Though pseudonymous, Blockchain Kid is a highly active and approachable member of the EOS community. His background in corporate governance and compensation consulting gives him some really interesting insights into the DPOS incentive structure and why voting is important.

We also discussed his newest initiative, Voting Valued. Voting Valued is a new proposal for compensating voters who lend their voting weight to a specific proxy. The specifics of the proposal are complex and somewhat controversial, but Blockchain Kid thoroughly explains the reasoning behind the proposal and defends its merits. We think it's one of the more interesting things we've seen in the proxy world recently. 

We discuss a number of other issues related to EOS, including the importance of proxies, BP compensation, EOS governance, and much more. 

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