Jungle Testnet with CryptoLions and EOS Costa Rica

We discuss EOSIO performance and the Jungle Testnet with CryptoLions and EOS Costa Rica.

Episode Overview

For this episode, we brought on two of our favorite block producers, CryptoLions and EOS Costa Rica. Both of these teams have been heavily involved in maintaining the Jungle Testnet, one of the most active testnets in the EOS ecosystem. They recently ran a number of stress tests to set new performance records for EOSIO software. We spoke to the two teams about a number of different topics: 

—background on both teams

—history of the Jungle testnet and recent updates 

—Jungle Classic vs. Jungle 2.0 

—The importance of testnets and what it means for the mainnet

—How the Jungle testnet got “attacked,” and how the testnet BPs “recovered” the chain 

—Stress testing the Jungle testnet 

—New EOSIO transaction throughput records 

—Transactions vs. Operations on Blockchains

—How to measure throughput 

—CPU issues on the network and how to address them

—Sidechains and sister chains

Articles Referenced in the Podcast 

New Maximum EOSIO TPS demonstrated in Jungle Testnet: 9179

That’s how we broke Jungle Testnet twice in a row, eleven days before 1.0 #EOSIO Release

Killer Whale Attack: Recovering a hi-jacked EOS chain

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