David Packham of EOS42 and Chintai

In this episode, we spoke to David Packham of EOS42 and Chintai to talk about Chintai 2.0, EOS governance, Ethereum vs. EOS, gaming, and much more.

We were joined by David Packham, Head of Strategy at EOS42, a London-based block producer. David also leads Chintai, a token-leasing platform built on EOS. Our conversation touched on a number of topics around Chintai 2.0, infrastructure, security, community building, dApp development, and governance. David formerly worked as a banker and developer before falling down the crypto rabbit hole and eventually finding EOS. Other topics covered include: 
  • David's background
  • How EOS can deliver on the promises of Ethereum
  • Chintai 2.0 as a leasing platform for all sorts of tokens 
  • Chintai 2.0 timeline
  • Legal challenges around token sales
  • NFTs and the new possibilities they open up for gaming
  • New leasing models and blockchain-native markets 
  • EOS Governance
  • Block producer decision-making through 15/21 msig
  • The EOS Constitution and the EOS User Agreement 
  • EOS referendum
  • Predictions on the future direction of EOS
  • What's next for Chintai and EOS42 in 2019
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