DApps, Wallets, and Blockchain UX with Fred Krueger from EOS Lynx

In this episode, we spoke to Fred Krueger, founder and CEO of EOS Lynx, about EOS dApps, the importance of prioritizing user experience, his Lynx Chain project, and more.

Fred Krueger is a seasoned entrepreneur, most recently founding and running both EOS Lynx and WorkCoin. His past ventures include work in ad-tech, game development, and domain names. In more recent years he became deeply involved in the blockchain world, where he gravitated towards EOS for its superior user experience. We had a wide-ranging discussion that covered a number of different topics, including:
  • Fred's background  
  • The history of EOS Lynx
  • The importance of taking a user-centric approach to crypto wallets 
  • The UX issues with the EOS mainnet 
  • Staking and resource management 
  • Key management and user experience
  • His goals for Lynx Chain


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