ITAM Games with Damian Byeon

In this episode, we spoke to Damian Byeon of ITAM Games to talk about blockchain gaming, digital assets, ITAM's upcoming games, and much more.

We were joined by Damian Byeon, Chief Communications Officer at ITAM Games, a blockchain mobile gaming platform. We discussed new gaming business models, ITAM's philosophy, its unique plans for user on-boarding, and more. Damian also talked about a few of ITAM's upcoming games. Other topics covered include: 
  • Damian's background. 
  • ITAM's blockchain mobile store called ITAM Store.
  • NFT standards and SDKs for traditional games to move to blockchain.
  • Why blockchain gaming can offer additional utility to both users and developers
  • BlueDawn as ITAM's flagship mobile RPG. 
  • How blockchain will change the business model of gaming companies.
  • ITAM's unique three-tier system of user on-boarding.
  • Account creation process for ITAM Games and permission and key management.
  • ITAM NFT and its collaboration with dGoods. 
  • Differences in perception in EOS between Korea and the West.
  • The largest mobile gaming market opportunities.

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