Crypto Adoption in Latin America, Stablecoins, and more with Jesús Chitty from EOS Argentina

We brought on Jesús Chitty from EOS Argentina to discuss crypto adoption in Latin America, stablecoins, and other topics.

In this episode we spoke with Jesús Chitty from EOS Argentina.

This conversation spanned a number of different topics, including crypto adoption in Latin America, stablecoins, gaming on EOS, the history of different DPOS chains, and much more. It was one of my favorite conversations that I've had in recent times.

Chitty has been involved in the crypto world since the early days, initially using Bitcoin as a way to move money out of his native Venezuela. He later became involved deeply in both BitShares and Steem, Dan Larimer's first two projects. Much of EOS's design and architecture is borrowed from BitShares and Steem, so there is a lot that the EOS community can learn from those two projects. Chitty and I spent quite a bit of time discussing those lessons and also covered a number of other topics, including:

—Chitty's personal background 
—How EOS Argentina came about
—The importance of proper token distribution
—BTS, Steem, and EOS as “societies”
—Governance in DPOS chains
—Inflation in Venezuela and Argentina 
—why crypto is useful for Latin Americans
—How blockchain can be used to improve government efficiency
—“fiat-coins” vs. decentralized stablecoins


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